P/N Description
E2325 Electric Switch Holder (FUTABA, SANWA)
E2326 Electric Switch Holder (ProTek RC, G-Force)
Electric Switch Holder made by 3D printer developed for the users who use
the electric switches from FUTABA, SANWA, ProTek RC, and G-Force.

E2325 with Futaba Electric Switch

E2325 with Sanwa Electric Switch

E2326 with ProTeK RC Electric Switch

E2326 & ProTek RC Electric Switch

E2325 & Cut the part of mounting holes in the electric switch

The item can be used for the vehicles used E2302 Radio Box for the MBX series and MGT.
With the use of E2302D, it can be installed with the screws included in the kit
(Please refer to the MBX8 instruction manual page 16).
*For Futaba and Sanwa, please cut the part of mounting holes in their electric switch.
*For ProTek RC and G-Force, please replace with the included bottom case.
*Dyeing finished black color may discolor if it gets fuel on it.